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  1. Need Your Help! Getting Word Out on New Marketing/Sales Program

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I have a new sales/marketing program that is something like an amplified referral program, with many benefits. I want to pitch it to Tesla but I haven't been able to get a response from a single one of their official channels. I have hit the last resort of tweeting Mr. Musk but I am not a...
  2. Dealership sales experiences

    General EV Discussion
    There have been stories floating around the community about the reluctance of some dealers to sell EVs, going right the way back to the EV1 and up to the recently revised e-Golf. I've heard about dealers not returning phone calls, not having cars available to test drive, not having a charged car...
  3. Renault Zoe No Longer European Champion?

    Renault ZOE
    So Renault have lost the title of best selling European EV? : Nissan LEAF Takes European Sales Crown From Renault ZOE or do we not trust EagleAID? The Year To Date figures were pretty close in March according to Clean Technica : Nissan LEAF Amazes In EV Sales Record Storm (Europe Electric Car...
  4. Is ZE40 Doing Badly In UK?

    Renault ZOE
    So I'd been reading CleanTechnica posts about Europe EV sales (Source) thinking Seeing 4,189 Zoe sales in one month (June) alone. 17,146 sales in the "Year To Date" (which as the new model only came out this year and that's what most people are probably buying now.. fair enough). The August...