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  1. General Kia EV Discussion
    I’ve been a firm fan of Google Maps via Car Play but recently GM has been no better than the built in maps it seems. what is the general view of the various systems eg Waze, Google, Apple versus the Kia maps?
  2. BMW i3
    Just got the above. What a fantastic drive. Is wheel alignment an issue with them? Looks like tyres are wearing on sides. Also, if anyone is looking for a large Nav screen for i3 I have one, brand new, as was going to buy an older i3 and upgrade. New Large i3 screen on this site
  3. Kia Niro
    I was trundling along yesterday when I had cause to use the in-car navigation (I normally use Google Maps). However, when I pressed the voice recognition button on the steering wheel, it refused to find the destination I needed. In fact, upon testing it further, it refuses to find ANY address or...
  4. BMW i3
    The Europe EVO 2020 -1 is now available via the BMW Download Manager 29GB in size. I am just getting it into a USB to put in the car. Not that I am going far in Lockdown. This is for my 2019 i3s.
  5. Volkswagen Passat GTE
    Can anyone tell me how to stop the sat nav voice muting media that is playing. I can lower/switch off her voice but it still mutes the media when an instruction would normally be made. This is very annoying when listening to music. Thanks.
  6. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hi all, Ok, I just noticed something today after 7 months of ownership. In my defense I don't use the sat nav much. Anyway, when you are approx 300 yards from your turn a bar displays which reduces in length until you are at the turn, as well as the voice prompts, Image below from manual with...
  7. BMW i3
    I presume the forum has read this article in the Independent Donald Trump's victory isn't the most terrifying news this week. There's something even worse .... Seems it's already happened in my i3 SatNav, has anyone zoomed right out to show your position relative to the the whole earth? ...
  8. Tesla Model S
    I've just had an explanation for the reason the Model S onboard navigation (Nav) differs from the map shown on the centre console following a query over on the Tesla UK Facebook page. The map is updated live from Google's latest version whereas the Nav is periodically downloaded to the car, so...
  9. Audi A3 e-tron
    Anybody else got an opinion about A3 E-tron sat-nav. I find it appalling. The interface is clunky and not intuitive at all. The traffic monitoring doesn't seem to be able to predict anything in front of it and the route planning is quite happy to double the distance driven if you save a minute...
  10. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    I'm getting my ex-demo Golf GTE on Monday (yipee!!). It is a bog standard one with no sat nav and so I've added that as an extra. Firstly, adding an aftermarket one costs £599 whereas IIRC selecting your basic sat nav as an option when configuring new costs at least £765. I'm sure it must be...
1-10 of 10 Results