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  1. Charge Your Car App vs Card - Scotland

    General Charging Discussion
    Just wondering, I'm always a bit paranoid about loosing my Chargeplace Scotland card, and also considering the slight convenience of using the app instead to start/stop charging. But I wanted to know, how do I actually do that, I haven't found any obvious instructions, is it a case of opening...
  2. Chargeplace Scotland Charge Point Ownership

    General Charging Discussion
    Does anyone know much about how the Chargeplace Scotland fault process works? It seems that some points go a long time with outstanding issues. My understanding is that when you report a fault to Chargeplace Scotland (operated by CYC), they pass it on to the host and they are due to provide an...
  3. Edinburgh Plans to install thirty-five 22kW *DC* chargers by 2020

    General Charging Discussion
    Edinburgh council has recently produced a report stating that they will need to install a total of 69 chargepoints to support electric vehicle use in Edinburgh by 2020. This includes 9 rapid chargers, 35 fast chargers and 25 slow chargers. By 2023, 211 chargepoints are forecasted to be required...
  4. EV ownership experience and differing government approaches

    General EV Discussion
    I appreciate that this will be highly unscientific, but, does anyone have any views or sense of how the experience differs as an EV driver in your part of the UK? Is there any significant differences when you compare Scotland to England, for example? I’m aware that the Scottish Government...
  5. Second Hand Zoe dealer recommendations

    Renault ZOE
    Can anyone recommend a dealer for a second-hand Zoe in the Glasgow area? My last three cars have been Skoda; from Parks Hamilton, generally good service. I would probably default to them, or possibly Arnold Clark (for the purchase anyway).
  6. Good times to be Scottish despite Brexit, Austerity etc

    Off Topic and Banter
    Really amazed to read this BBC article - Scots 'more optimistic about future' I have felt there is quite a lot of optimism around the country despite all the doom and gloom (thinking Brexit, Austerity, Terror attacks etc, but didn't realise the optimism within the country was apparently so...
  7. The hardline pro-union anti-Scotland policy on SpeakEV

    Off Topic and Banter
    Is this hardline pro-union anti-Scotland policy on here not rather outdated, where anything remotely anti-UKunion or anything that highlights the discrimination Scotland experiences with UK charging get's shut down. It is a bad reflection of SpeakEV, and presents a really bad image. So the...
  8. How to see FA Cup final today in Scotland?

    Off Topic and Banter
    Okay, so I have Freeview telly (or Council TV+) as my sister calls it :LOL: Don't have Sky etc. So I would like to watch the FA Cup final between Man U - Chelsea on BBC. Only thing is I live in Scotland and the diddy cup final with Celtic v Motherwell is scheduled at same time and will be shown...
  9. Bristol to South Scotland in a T2 only charging SmartCar

    General EV Discussion
    I have an opportunity to buy a SmartCar that is slow T2 charging only. Does not rapid charge unfortunately. Would drive it home from Bristol area to South Scotland. Likely route would be M5, M42/A42 (passing by Birmingham), onto Nottingham area and up the M1/A1. I know it would be a crappy...
  10. Soul EV Test Drive - Scotland

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi folks Anyone know any dealers in Scotland who have a Soul EV available in Scotland to see/drive? The lease deals coming out of Drive Electric are v tempting but I can't commit without driving one first. Have tried Parks but no joy at any of the branches. Thanks, John
  11. Sold Nissan Leaf Acenta - Renfrewshire

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Nissan Leaf Acenta 5 door hatchback, reg date 31/1/14, 24kwh Battery fully owned, no leasing. 24Kw 3.3Kwh charging. Battery quality: all 12 battery capacity bars still showing 43,000 miles Colour black. Dark interior fabric, rear tinted windows Reversing camera, Sat Nav, CD / radio, electric...
  12. Case for EV chargers at Scotland's Ski resorts?

    Charging Locations
    I was looking at the Zap Map of rapid chargers in Scotland, particularly in the Cairngorm mountains, and noting gaps, when I spotted what seemed like an obvious category of destination which would benefit from chargers - ski centres, which generally have massive car parks and often on mountain...
  13. Nissan "free" chargers vs Scotland Energy Saving Trust?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    It seems official Nissan Dealers currently offer a "free" home charger (EVSE), for both new cars and for second hand cars. I assume Nissan's offer takes advantage of the £500 Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant, so the actual cost to Nissan is fairly small. Do they give you a choice...
  14. 265 miles in a iMIEV in 26hrs - a crazy trip

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    Nottingham to South East Scotland, 265 miles. I left approx. 11am on Thursday, and got home at 1pm on the Friday - 26hrs!!!! I didn't sleep, although plenty resting at chargers. Attached picture shows me getting the 2009 Mistubishi iMIEV from @FarmboyUK of Drive Green in Nottingham. I am not a...
  15. EVs in the Scottish Highlands or your 1st EV?

    General EV Discussion
    Here's a great piece about EVs in the Scottish Highlands. it focuses on the Leaf but is interesting from the standpoint of any EV and great if your still considering your options (EV, ICE or somewhere in-between)... Electric Cars - Realistic For Climbers and Hillwalkers? by Es Tresidder...
  16. EV rental in northern Scotland?

    General EV Discussion
    We're keen to do the so-called 'North Coast 500' circular route from Inverness, which is well-supplied with charging points: doing it electrically would be part of the fun! However, it's also 500 miles to get there and 500 miles back, and we may not have time for such a long trip, if we're...
  17. Charging in Scotland - EST Scheme - Funding Available

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi All, Just wanted to give you the heads up that we were successful in all elements of our tender to the Energy Savings Trust in Scotland with our partners Franklin Energy. This allows us to access funding for domestic, workplace, and public charging infrastructure (including rapids). For...
  18. 30kWh Leaf arriving soon

    Ice Breakers
    Hi. After 8 years driving Priuses, I'm really looking forward to going 'properly' electric. Current schedule is I pick up my Tekna from Edinburgh on 16th Dec . Will be commuting from Falkirk to Edinburgh and averaging 20k a year but confident it'll be up to the job. My work has kindly installed...
  19. Another long road trip

    General Charging Discussion
    Back to Glasgow, this time starting and stopping in Wiltshire. No chargers failed, everything perfect. A419 / M5 / M6 / A74(M)/ M74 and back. Observations: M5 between Gloucester and Frankley is a bit thin on charging. The Beeches car park CYC at Cirencester was brilliant, £4 isn't too bad, if...
  20. BBC ALBA seeking EV Enthusiast

    General EV Discussion
    Eyeline Media, an Aberdeen based production company are looking for a Scotland-based EV enthusiast to appear on Air an Rathad (On the Road), a motoring series we produce for BBC ALBA, the Gaelic language channel. We have a short segment called 'Petrolheads' (not very appropriate in this case!)...