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  1. Information On Nissan Leaf 30 KWh - Seat Cover, Speed Camera Warning & Battery Charge Level

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi Good Folks, I Just Picked Up My Used Nissan Leaf 30 KWh Yesterday. Handing The Other (24 KWh) One To My Wife. She Simply Loves The Leaf. But Was Very Critical Of It Before She Drove It. Since Then, She's Been Sold Out And Updates Her Colleagues And Friends About The "Good Tidings" EVs...
  2. USA. Disturbing statistic. Not coming back to EVs

    General EV Discussion
    I picked up a ''TIME'' magazine (dated August 2016). I found a very disturbing statistic. 75% of Americans who traded in a Hybrid or electric car in 2016 took home an all gas car. This is a very negative sign. People who already have an electric car are the early adopters & presumably very...