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  1. Disappointed with Tesla' Policy Change

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    So my car is in the SC tomorrow to get the Air Suspension looked at, as well as an issue with the ambient lighting inside after been booked in for a few weeks in advanced. I've been told the day before that they have a new EU/UK policy on their Tesla Loaners that they now only provide 3rd party...
  2. Bristol Service Centre opens on Monday

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I had the honour yesterday to be the first customer of the Bristol Service Centre when they replaced my 12v battery. I had a warning about 10 days ago that the battery was on the blink and had arranged to go to a drop-in appointment at WD but Phil Gadsby, the Bristol Service manager, very kindly...
  3. Tesla Stockport Manchester

    Tesla Model S
  4. GTE servicing in North West

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Apologies if this already covered here. I'm 3 months and 7000 miles in to GTE ownership and the display is saying I need an oil change in 2000 miles. Can any vw dealer service the car or are there special EV dealers? Based in the North West so can use any dealer in the area. Can anyone recommend...
  5. Manchester Service Centre now on My Tesla

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Looks like they are getting the Manchester Service Centre ready to roll for us up in the North of England: Manchester-South Coming Soon 396 Wellington Road, SK4 5AE Manchester Tesla Store, Service Centers and Chargers Now to see if I can change my pickup from Brum to Manchester as soon as it...