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  1. SDV Setting in Audio/Volume Settings

    ZS EV
    As I continue to learn about the new car I have found a setting is Audio/Volume Settings. Its the last setting in that screen. You can select off/low/medium/high. Trying all the settings I cant seem to detect a difference in the sound. I can't find any reference to this setting in the owner's...
  2. Hidden features?

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    So today i noticed the comfort windows functions did not work. I went through all the settings in the system and couldn't find it. Then i watched a youtube video telling to make contact and set all windows to auto close by keeping it pushed in until you hear a click. Then after disconnecting the...
  3. Manouvering camera views

    Nissan Leaf40
    So we all know that putting the 40 in reverse automatically brings up the rear camera screen and further presses of the camera button change the view on the screen. My question is when changing from reverse to forward is there a setting to let the camera jump to the front facing view screen...