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  1. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I just bought the new Peugeot e-208 and as standard it included an on board charger of 7kw singlephase. There was an option for 11kw OBC 3phase but didn’t opt for it. Now, I am planning to buy the cable. Does a threephase cable make a difference compared to a single phase cable, given that...
  2. General Charging Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am working on a final year project studying the benefits of a larger single phase supply or a new three phase supply for UK homes. I am yet to find a 22kW single phase car charger. Is this because it is theoretically not possible or because there is no use for one? I have also...
  3. General Charging Discussion
    For those that are interested in chargers and adaptability, check out this kickstarter project! - Low cost, modular solution - J1772 Compatible - Adaptive Charge Interface (ACI) - 6 to 80 A charging current depending on supply to unit and hardware - Easy renewable energy...
1-3 of 3 Results