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  1. Waiting for the kick down to kick in? GTE (2016)

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    So for a few weeks now me and my family stepped away from manual cars and towards two automatics. Not because of the same reasons though. I noticed on the driveway of the highways that there seems to be a long pause before getting the full engine power. Accelerating from 50 km/h to 130 km/h on...
  2. Does Winter Behaviour Change Charging?

    Renault ZOE
    Hi friends, I took my Zoe to London this weekend. Plugged into a few posts that were 7kW as found no free (well paid for via the Polar-Plus subscription) 22kWs (I realised I've been spoilt with Polar 22kW / free Sainsbury's Pod Point posts elsewhere!). London public charging is surprisingly...
  3. Pod-Point T7-S slow charging issue

    General Charging Discussion
    I've been in discussions with the folks at Pod-Point about why sometimes when I plug into a 7kW public charge point of theirs (the newer T7-S design, with no screen / RFID reader ), that it only runs at half the expected rate. It's apparently an issue they are aware of, and there's a workaround...
  4. At what "slow" speed would you bail out onto the hard shoulder ?

    General EV Discussion
    Travelling south on the M6 on New Years day, (light traffic) spotted a car in the distance ahead which we were approaching in rapid time while we was travelling at approx 70mph... As we got closer I saw It was a silver Leaf. Road conditions where light rain but plenty of spray but decent...