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smart charging
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  1. General Charging Discussion
    Over in the General Mercedes EV section @RedSmartEQ and I are discussing the fact that his/her Sync EV charge point sends 15-second 6A charge pulses every four minutes while a scheduled charge is pending to ensure the car doesn't enter "sleep" mode and therefore fail to wake for the scheduled...
  2. Volkswagen ID.3
    We’ve just bought and received our ID3 and had a Pod-Point installed. We are about to go into Octopus Agile for cheaper night time charging. How do I set up smart charging to only charge in the middle of the night rather in peak hours? I can’t figure it out on either my Pod-Point or the ID3.
  3. EO Charging-Electric Vehicle charging made simple
    Meet the EO Mini Pro: the world's smallest smart home charger designed for the energy conscious EV driver ⚡️ It’s powered by intelligent software so that you can start, stop and schedule charging – all from the palm of your hand... Ready for your next adventure? In terms of technical...
  4. General EV Discussion
    Hi, I am Simone. I am part of an innovation project which is looking at developing an app that will help EV/Plug-in owners managing their car and in particular, introduce them to Vehicle-to-Grid technology (V2G)! (y) We're in the early stages of developing the app, and we want inputS from...
  5. ChargedEV
    Yesterday we released this video: Our new Smart+ offering is quite simply one of the smartest EV chargers on the market offering a range of innovative features for the driver and optimised by our award winning Kaluza platform. A revolutionary smart charger for electric vehicles with...
  6. General Charging Discussion
    Hello! I'm carrying out a survey on smart home charging as part of my Master's course. It's a very simple survey and only takes a few seconds to complete so it would be amazing if I could get enough responses for my research. Here is the link: Charger solutions Survey Thank you! Gemma
1-6 of 6 Results