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  1. Smart ED 2013 (63) Error message - Need advice

    Other EV Makes and Models
    Hi, Hoping to tap into the collective experience here with regards to an issue I’ve encountered with me Smart ED. Bought in late 2013 with Battery Assurance Plus plan which I am still paying for (£55 pm). The car has been serviced annually since purchase by Mercedes Benz Colindale with no...
  2. Sold 2014 Smart Electric Drive – Tesla Technology

    Drive Green
    2014 Smart Electric Drive – Tesla Technology An awesome little electric city car Mileage: 14300 The Smart Electric Drive is the perfect little city car. It is such a laugh to drive and we absolutely love it. Please see our website or comment below for any more information. Updated pictures...
  3. SOLD - Smart Fortwo Electric Drive - SOLD

    Drive Green
    2013 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive in White and Green An awesome little two seater. The perfect city vehicle Mileage: 60000 Quirky and fun, the Smart Fortwo ED is a fantastic city car. It drives great, it’s fast than a Renault Zoe, and it can squeeze into just about any space (even end on!)...
  4. For Sale Smart Fortwo ED Cabriolet, 2013 (63)

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi Guys, I'm selling my convertible Smart ForTwo ED. Pictures etc. on the link at the bottom. Mileage: 11,400 Plate: 2013, 63 plate Owners: 1 Colour: Full white with Red Cabrio roof Price: £9,450 6.5 inch Touch Screen with Sat Nav Bluetooth Phone and Audio Streaming, CD Player, Factory...
  5. New purchase: BEV vs. REx

    BMW i3
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on which i3 to go for. I currently drive the Smart ED cabrio, which I love by the way. I use the car primarily for my 12 mile daily round trip commute and charge at home, however we have young kids and would be useful to have a second car (in addition to the...
  6. Hello

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, I am new on here. I am not yet an EV owner, but am saving to buy my very first EV, which will in fact be my very first car. I'm 21, and have been driving parents car for a few years, and whilst I like driving, I hate filling up with petrol. I don't know why, but I do. I have always been a...
  7. Your battery safety system will write off your car

    General EV Discussion
    My partner was recently involved in a low speed collision in her Smart ForTwo ED. She has now been told that due to Smart's safety battery shutdown device (which is irreversible) her car is now beyond ecoomic repair. Smart of course did not tell us about this 'feature' when we bought the car...