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  1. Range extender. When does it activate?

    BMW i3
    This is old hat... everyone's going to say at 6.5% I assume? That's what I thought, as that's what's always happened... until now Recently (all sing, "driving home for Xmas") starting journey at 100%, we managed a PB of 121 miles on a single charge. 4 miles and 4% left on the GOM/SOC when we...
  2. What is your ideal battery SOC? (94Ah)

    BMW i3
    Hi everyone, wondered if anyone (electrical engineers, electricians, pioneers...) knows the answer to my Ice Breaker question? I've since read in the manual you shouldn't leave it below 80% for long periods. So: ~85% ±5% a sensible target that other people apply? And how long actually is 'too...