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  1. First two weeks!

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi fellow Leafers, I am still excited about my new Tekhna I got two weeks ago and have to say the car is just great. It's quiet, comfortable, pretty dynamic when needed, ecological and, frankly, simply cool! Totally disagree with complaints regarding Bose speakers. They needed tuning, true, but...
  2. Variable Rate Charger

    Renault ZOE
    I have just completed my modification of the Chargemaster/Polar charger to provide alternative charge rates in order to optimise the power from home solar PV installations. This does not involve opening the charger unit; just the plug. The method uses different PP to PE resistors to inform the...
  3. Oops: "Mirrors blamed for fire at world's largest solar plant"

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    Mirrors blamed for fire at world's largest solar plant Oops.
  4. Is my math wrong or can we go 100% solar for £33 Billion

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    After watching The new fully charged show Hinckley point c oh deary me which can be seen here 2 days early if you support the show through patreon at $5 per month I thought I'd do some man math and here's what I came up with.. In the UK in 2014 we used an average of 34.42GW per day, to produce...
  5. EVSE control based on Solar PV output

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    I'm currently developing, I use the term loosely, a solution to turn my EVSE on and off depending on Solar PV generation. I'm doing this using emoncms and node-red and the ready-made WiFi relay that the emoncms guys sell. I have almost all the components and the relay works (click click) but is...
  6. Solar cells may harvest energy from raindrops...

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    Graphene solar panels harvest energy from rain
  7. Home DC Charging via CCS?

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm almost certain that the answer to this is "no" - but I thought I'd take a punt :-) I'm getting a home battery installed to harvest energy from my solar panels. Like the Tesla Powerwall, but smaller and cheaper - maslow | smart energy storage for your solar powered home. The plan is -...
  8. Check out the 1st truly clean ev charging station.

    General Charging Discussion
    An innovative energy management guarantees to the user a 100% solar charge 24/7. Up to 8 EVs can charge simultaneously (motorcycles, cars, and even buses!). Located in Bastia, Corsica. Mise en service du Parasol de recharge 100% solaire
  9. EVNEX Charger on Kickstarter

    General Charging Discussion
    For those that are interested in chargers and adaptability, check out this kickstarter project! - Low cost, modular solution - J1772 Compatible - Adaptive Charge Interface (ACI) - 6 to 80 A charging current depending on supply to unit and hardware - Easy renewable energy...
  10. Kenyan "solar" bus

    Other EV Makes and Models
    Uganda's Kiira Motors unveils 'Africa's first solar bus' - BBC News Interesting announcement and normally I would ignore the hype of Solar PV and vehicles, but given the market (Kenya) and the strength of the light available I looked a little further; In the spec (here...
  11. Sun Calc tool

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    While trying to get a realistic feel for how my solar panels are going to be illuminated over the year I can across SunCalc - a sun path overlay onto google maps. Helps me see quite how dark the winter is going to be versus how well my 3rd roof - NW facing - is going to be lit in the summer...
  12. Oxford to London - Easy

    BMW i3
    i3 arrived Monday - first big trip was Friday. By which time I'd almost worked out what all the buttons do! I took a slightly "scenic route" onto the M40 to eke out the mileage. Of course, once I hit London at 0830 it was all stop-start traffic. I avoided the congestion zone (because TfL won't...