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soul 27kw
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  1. Kia Soul EV
    Hi, I've been using Soul Spy to check the SOH on my 2015 (65 plate) car. When I got it in November, it had 45k on the clock and was reporting 89.4% (this was done again in December when it was cold and around 50% SOC. I've read that Kia check the battery when it's fully charged so last night I...
  2. Drive Green
    2016 (66) Grey Kia Soul - Drive Green Miles: 36,334 Price: £14,495 This is the second Kia Soul we have had on the forecourt, and it has won us over again It comes with a ream of gadgets from the on-board computer with sat nav and phone connectivity, as well has heated steering wheel...
1-2 of 2 Results