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  1. Source East is dead. It's official.

    General Charging Discussion
    Source East will cease to exist from 31st March 2017, according to a letter I received today. Sadly, the free network is being closed and the existing charge points will revert to their owners. Some will remain free for a time, on the GeniePoint network, but others will be incorporated into...
  2. Source East points and access using Source London

    General Charging Discussion
    Has anybody worked out what happens to the Source East posts following the new charges at Source London. I currently use my SL card in Watford to occasionally charge at a SE post. Do not do this often enough to pay £48 p.a. to SL tho. Has anybody any info on Source East or if a currently...
  3. Chargepoint Genie and Source East

    General Charging Discussion
    So this morning, after Polar seem to have added all the CYC charge points to their map, it's also Chargepoint Genie's turn. Some Source East charge points locations in Southend-on-Sea have shown up as 'Planned for a future date' on Charge Point Genie's map. SS1 2AS:Seaway Car Park SS1...
  4. Picking up my new i3 BEV next week

    Ice Breakers
    hello, I've been lurking for a couple of months and now my i3 is being delivered to Fairfield BMW in Leigh-on-sea today so I thought I'd say hi. Firstly - massive thanks to all on the thread, it's been a great help in informing choices along the way and for the Fleetdrive recommendations...
  5. Newbie has problems getting a SourceEast RFID card

    Ice Breakers
    Hi I'm very new to EV's, getting 2016 Leaf 30 KWH mid-March, and thought I'd use the time to get the necessary charging cards up front were possible. As I live around Norwich naturally I went over to the Source East website - which works fine apart from the Register, Members and Live...
  6. Source East - EValu8

    General Charging Discussion
    This may be of interest to anyone in the Source East region: Source East have just recently decided to work with a different operator in order to deliver a longer term and higher level of service to drivers. The implementation of this change has coincided with expiry of the current stock of...
  7. Source East to go PAYG?

    General Charging Discussion
    Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure | Latest news from ChargePoint UK It seems that everybody's second-least-favourite charging network provider are assisting Source East to transform their network. Their joint aim is to transform the Source East Network of EV charging infrastructure...
  8. Source London - Anyone aware of any changes as of the 1st Jan 2016?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys As my parents have just got their Zoe today I have been filling them in with the details on RFID cards. As they live in Watford, my own experiences there are that some points are Source East, while others are Source London. I know that they are supposed to roam, but due to whatever bs...