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  1. Occasional very long range in i3 94 Rex

    BMW i3
    Hello I am shortly getting an i3 Rex with the bigger battery. 99% of my journeys should be well within its range probably without the Rex but once a year i drive from Santander down through Spain to Granada in the south. I got some excellent advice the other day about Spanish charge points and...
  2. Charging through Spain

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi shortly I am buying an i3 rex which should usually mean no need for anything other than home charging however once a year we travel through Spain from Bilbao to Granada (a straight line down the country) obviously we could just take our chances and add petrol every hour or so (travel with...
  3. Driving to Southern Spain

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi All, Just got very first EV this week. Thinking about driving to southern Spain next summer. Just wondering if anyone here has experience of driving this far in their Leaf. I have downloaded Electromaps app which gives all European charge stations. It looks possible although the route won't...