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  1. Filling station data from US National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
    Many specifics on hydrogen are frustratingly opaque, so I thought this discovery was worth sharing. It's a document from the NREL showing statistics for all the American H2 filling stations, compiled November 2017. https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy18osti/70527.pdf The highlights are on page 25...
  2. Tesla Battery Mass

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hi there! Does anyone know where I can find the mass/weight of the battery packs for the various Tesla models? This information doesn't appear in Tesla's online literature that I can find, but I also don't own a Tesla so I'm wondering if it can be found in an owner's manual? (I also tried...
  3. Analysis of EV PCH Viability

    General EV Discussion
    We have pretty much reached the end of our EV switch viability research and thought that it may be interesting to share our results with you all. Background For years we have operated a 'banger economics' model. We buy a vehicle for around £1000 and we don't carry out any form of proactive...