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  1. Tesla Model 3
    For the first time in the 2 months I've owned my M3 AWD LR, I needed to charge it away from home tonight. With 58% SOC, I asked the car to navigate to the nearest 250kw supercharging station at the Hilton Heathrow which was 20 miles away. It displayed a red message "preconditioning battery for...
  2. General Charging Discussion
    As a lowly PHEV owner I never charge at Motorway services. However with an eye to going on to a BEV next year I have started to take a direct interest in the main road charging infrastructure on a recent long journey. It seems to be as ragged as people say but I was impressed with the...
  3. General EV Discussion
    Get charged up with Google Maps So Google announced this a couple of days ago and I think it's a great start to see some actual real integration of EVs and charging stations into such a popular and mainstream application such as Google Maps! It's starting off small with only a few charging...
  4. Tesla Model 3
    Video of full Supercharge session: Results: 10% at 109 kW in 7 minutes 20% at 116 kW in 11 minutes 30% at 116 kW in 15 minutes 40% at 116 kW in 19 minutes 50% at 112 kW in 23 minutes 60% at 83 kW in 28 minutes 70% at 67 kW in 34 minutes 80% at 51 kW in 42 minutes 90% at 32 kW in 53 minutes...
  5. General Charging Discussion
    An Update to Our Supercharging Program
  6. Tesla Model 3
    I got the latest email from Tesla overnight and it states: "Starting at $35,000, Model 3 comes standard with Autopilot hardware and Supercharging capability." When it says "capability", do they mean it will be enabled, or that it's going to be an optional extra to enable it? From the launch...
1-6 of 6 Results