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  1. Where to source parts for suspension 'lower arm bush'?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    At my service last summer with Nissan they gave me some warnings: - red warning for track rod ends - amber warning for lower arm bush I think they wanted around £500 to fix as I remember, not sure if this was to fix both issues. Anyway I have managed to source the parts online for the Track...
  2. Disappointed in the ride

    Tesla Model 3
    Anyone else disappointed in the ride? Tesla described the Model 3 as "the first mainstream electric car" They don't describe it as a sports car. Most people don't get to drive their cars on race tracks or test tracks but city roads. In fact a few people who have driven with me have said it...
  3. Nissan Leaf Beats Tesla Model 3!

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    The Nissan Leaf rides better on city streets than the Tesla Model 3: As a owner of both, I am very disappointed! When you drive on some city streets in Los Angeles and San Francisco, it feels like a pick up truck.
  4. New Front Shock Absorbers needed - Alternative options?

    Tesla Roadster
    I currently have my Roadster 2.0 Sport in at Tesla for a service and asked them to check my suspension due to a knocking noise at the front when going over bumps. Tesla have confirmed the Bilstein adjustable shock absorbers need replacing and have quoted me a replacement cost of £3500 inclusive...