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  1. Key not present / wont turn off

    Kia Soul EV
    Our My18 Soul EV is approaching 6 months old and around 2000 miles but its recently developed an annoying fault / scenario. At the end of our journey we brake, shift to P and hit the on/off switch. The car bongs and wont shut down properly. It says "Shift to P" and the key light remains on the...
  2. For Sale LEAF PCP Offers - including Switch Trade-in Deals

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, As you are no doubt aware, Nissan have launched a new deal which allows people to part-exchange certain cars*, and get an extra £1000 (£2000 total) deposit contribution on USED LEAF. We've got the following cars coming into stock soon, which I am advertising here to give the SpeakEV...