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  1. Anyone with any *positive* recommendations for chargers/energy suppliers?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm a newbie waiting for my first EV to be delivered. I ordered an e-niro from Kia towards the end of September 2019 and I've just had an email from the dealer estimating an arrival of June/July this year. :confused: I've seen so many reports of problems with chargers, smart meters and...
  2. Energy Tariffs like Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems

    General EV Discussion
    Is it worth doing any of these? Static time-of-use energy tariffs Different price bands for electricity throughout the day Dependent on the time of day, day of the week, or season Higher rates are applied when demand for electricity is greater In some cases, installation of a smart electricity...
  3. The absurdity of some tariffs

    General Charging Discussion
    Hachy on Twitter For those who don't speak Dutch, The New Motion charge point, using The New Motion RFID, 11kW three-phase charging, €0.35/minute. Using the same New Motion charge point, with a Plugsurfing RFID, it's a quarter the price. The example is 1 hour long charge at 11kW, and €21 is...
  4. Increasing price of on-street charging

    General Charging Discussion
    Both Source London and Chargemaster have upped their tariffs for Central London on-street charging locations. Source London is now up to 12.9p/minute (if the charge point is capable of 22kW) in Camden,Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. Polar Network has added electricity charges (the usual...
  5. The most bizarre public charging tariffs

    General Charging Discussion
    We're all pretty much used to charging per kWh, and sometimes with some sort of per-session service charge. We're kind of okay charging for time on a charger. We're even okay with the concept of overstay charges, to prevent a charge point from being blocked. And now, I present to you, the...