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  1. Waiting Zoe long

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, I am looking forward to my first EV, however, there is a delivery issue that is starting to drive me crazy. I have a new Zoe on order which is in the UK but before it can be delivered to the dealer requires work related to the 'Technical Block'. The dealer is very vague about what this...
  2. Look what I did to my electric... :(

    General EV Discussion
    First Off, I might get banned for posting this. If i am breakin a rule Im sorry :frown2: not trying to :smile2: I made something I really enjoy so I figured Ill share it. It all started when we were bored today. It was raining... I cant drive my mustang in the rain because the tires are...
  3. Does an EV need to use its charger during regenerative braking?

    General EV Discussion
    Here is a silly technical question that I was not able to figure out for myself, nor did I find much enlightenment by googling around a bit. I found no indication at all that the on-board charger of an EV is being used during regenerative braking, but I cannot see how it can be avoided. I am...
  4. Mercedes B250e technical specifications

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    It's taken me a considerable amount of time to find a few technical details like the chargers so I might just as well share my hard work with you guys! Feel free to reply below if anythings missing or incorrect and I'll correct it. Main specs, model 2015: Battery: 28kWh claimed, seems to be...