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  1. Hello (Mitsubishi PHEV owner soon to be Tesla model 3)

    Ice Breakers
    Newbe to this forum., looking forward sharing and supporting and reading Ordered my Tesla model 3 and am looking forward to getting it at some point.

    General EV Discussion
    Hi i am a final year student studying business information management. I have created a questionnaire in order to develop an understanding of consumer behavior towards environmental friendly vehicles in the UK. I would be grateful if you can complete the questionnaire it will only take 1-2...
  3. Plaza Research Needs Tesla Owners In Georgia For Up-coming Focus Group

    General EV Discussion
    Hey Guys, My name is Rodney David King. I'm a recruiter for a marketing research firm called Plaza Research. We are currently booking for a focus group we will be conducting at our facility for Tesla owners. This will be a 2-hour focus group discussion will take place on Tuesday, January 5...
  4. Telsa Model X

    Tesla Model X
    So is it the coolest car ever? Certainly a contender... 6 things that make the Tesla Model X the coolest car ever | EV Performance