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  1. Ice Breakers
    Hi, We've ordered a Tesla Model 3, and are very excited to be able to ditch our old diesel VW for it! The delivery date is alas still from end of November to January 😢 In the meantime, we are looking for a wall charger, and am not entirely sure what to go for. Apart from the Tesla Gen 3 one...
  2. Home Charging Installation
    Hi, I’m extremely new to the EV thing and hopefully I’ll be taking delivery of a model 3 in the next week. My question is: I’ve ordered one of the gen 3 home chargers and I’ve found out from my electrician that it’ll need an additional pen fault device as it doesn’t have one built in. He’s...
  3. Tesla Model Y
    We’re standing on the edge, wondering about jumping in and buying, after genning up and really enjoying test driving the 3 and Y but then spot Which Magazine’s lacklustre 2** for reliability, just published (February 22). Any thoughts, experiences to share, please?
  4. General EV Discussion
    Hello all, I’d be grateful for your honest opinions as to what you would do in my position. Both these choices are a 2yr, salary sacrifice lease, 10000miles/yr, charge point installed at home. No other choice of spec/colour etc. Price is the monthly reduction in my take home pay and includes...
  5. Tesla Model 3
    Hello all, May come across as a stupid question but when you order a model 3 do you place your order plus deposit and then apply for finance, or do you apply for your finance first and then place your order. Also how long until you find out if your finance has been approved. Never ordered a...
  6. Tesla Model 3
    What is everyone opinion on RWD vs AWD for the model 3 based on UK road conditions? My situation is that I'm due to renew my company car lease and looking at the model 3. As nice as the LR would be, its just too expensive. The range on the SR+ is plenty however my concern is the RWD...
  7. Tesla Model 3
    While there's no Tesla store in Northern Ireland (yet), we were delighted to be able to do the 4 hour round trip today to meet the Model 3 in Dublin. Some impressions, photos and a quick video here... We Meet The Tesla Model 3 in Dublin – Photos & Video Thanks.
  8. Tesla Model 3
    My UK Model 3 Delivery Estimate now stated just "2019" no longer "Early 2019". Does anyone say anything different? (I placed my order on 31 March 2016)
  9. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Tesla Finally Starts the Climb Out of Model 3 Production Hell
1-9 of 10 Results