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tesla model 3
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  1. Tesla Model 3
    Hi all. I'm a week into owning my M3 Performance and loving it so far. This may be a stupid question, but with the DAB radio, would I be wrong to assume that instead of a grey box with the station name in it (in small font) I should have the media logo for the relevant station. Fairly small...
  2. Tesla Model 3
    The automaker has been officially updated its online configurator with the new Model 3 2021 refresh which packs quite a few more updates. Tesla has made new efficiency improvements together with the new heat pump system & it has delivered longer range across the lineup. Range - The Tesla Model...
  3. Tesla Model 3
    Hi there, You guys/girls maybe already seen enough reviews of the Tesla Model 3, but I want to share mine anyway :). I hope you all like/enjoy it! With kind regards, Rechargingshow
  4. General EV Discussion
    What is the weight of model 3's rear wheel drive motor, without the inverter, differential pully etc? the whole rear drive unit weighs about 200 pounds. I want this information to calculate the power to weight ratio of this internal permanent magnet AC motor.
  5. EO Charging-Electric Vehicle charging made simple
    Last week we identified that a small number of our chargers installed in the UK were not working with the Tesla Model 3. This was an edge case scenario and over the weekend we have identified the root of the problem. Unfortunately, there are still some instances of customers unable to charge...
  6. Tesla Model 3
    Hello all, May come across as a stupid question but when you order a model 3 do you place your order plus deposit and then apply for finance, or do you apply for your finance first and then place your order. Also how long until you find out if your finance has been approved. Never ordered a...
  7. Tesla Model 3
    This is getting childish - I'm out. I had hoped this could be a useful place to find information about my new toy but It has the feel of a Sunderland Working Mens Club Tuesday night discussion over Brexit. Anyway please use Keith's referral code which has now been made homeless! Keith's...
  8. Tesla Model 3
    I am intrigued by how many people had a reservation and have now cancelled or went ahead and ordered.
  9. Tesla Model 3
    Received this... "Join us at our London Park Royal or Manchester-South locations, the first stores in the United Kingdom to feature Model 3 on display. Starting Wednesday 5th December visit us with your reservation number to get priority access to sit inside Model 3 and experience the...
  10. Tesla Model S
    A tweet from actor Mary McCormack has placed Tesla’s Model S under the spotlight. The actor shared a video of a Model S that suddenly burst into flames, while her director-husband Michael Morris was driving it. Take a look here ...
  11. General Nissan EV Discussion
    The Nissan Leaf rides better on city streets than the Tesla Model 3: As a owner of both, I am very disappointed! When you drive on some city streets in Los Angeles and San Francisco, it feels like a pick up truck.
  12. Tesla Model 3
    So with the screen in the middle showing everything and being at a good viewing angle and enhanced graphics, autopilot and speedometer display in the production candidates, who needs a HUD? I am sure No One ! Please share your thoughts... I also wrote an article on this here (above pics in...
  13. General EV Discussion
    Been driving a 24kw 2013 leaf for 5 months now, it's been fascinating learning how the EV market is progressing. In the next 12 months my prediction is that Nissan will announce a 40kw and 60kw model which will encourage more people to ditch ICE cars. The first Model 3's will be on UK roads...
  14. General Charging Discussion
    I just got back from a 1500-mile road trip in my father's Model S, and I am fully persuaded of the joys of Superchargers for long road trips. We've got a deposit on a Model III, and will almost certainly take the plunge when our number is up. In the interim, I'm considering a Chevy Bolt. What's...
  15. Tesla Model 3
    Hi Tesla Fans, How you doing mates? I recently tried to give Tesla fans a quick overview in my article about the Model 3 here: www.xautoworld.com/news/tesla-model-3-quick-overview/ Let me know your thoughts !!!
  16. Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone, I am Iq Ali... a psycho car enthusiast who can clearly see "the future is EVs" :) I blog about cars at XAutoWorld.com Also Tesla Model 3 is not available in selection on sign-up, admin pls add it Thanks and let me know how you guys are doing !
  17. Tesla Model 3
    Experience a virtual reality ride along in the Tesla Model 3 recorded during the Model 3 unveiling event at Space X on March 31st, 2016. See what all the excitement is about from the passenger seat perspective, using google cardboard compatible goggles. Also check out the Tesla unveiling.
  18. Tesla Model 3
    I have started a Flipboard Magazine gathering news, speculation and when available solid facts of the Tesla Model 3 if anyone is interested in following it. Tesla Model 3 on Flipboard Off the back of this I wanted to create my own info site specifically for UK Model 3 fans and the information...
1-20 of 20 Results