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tesla model x

  1. Tesla sales Q1 2013 - Q1 2020 model wise

    General EV Discussion

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I work for a research company (AIM Research) where we do lots of automotive studies seeking opinions of individuals and you will be compensated for your time. We’re looking for Model X owners to do a one on one interview in the Los Angeles area. It will be held a location, interview is 2...
  3. Charging speeds compared: e-Niro, Kona, i-Pace & Model X.

    Kia Niro
    An interesting comparison of charging speeds, particularly when comparing km. per hour at 12:50 in the video:
  4. Tesla Diva in North Wales! Promoting the EV lifestyle here and at home in NY State.

    Ice Breakers
    Hi new EV Enthusiast friends! I’m happy to find this site and community. I’m a Tesla Model X driver from Ithaca NY and am in Conwy a couple times a year where I have a holiday place. I’ve seen one Tesla in Penmaenmawr but have not successsfully located the owner! Otherwise I’ve seen NO Teslas...
  5. Autobahn Test Video: Jaguar I-PACE vs. Tesla Model X

    Jaguar I-PACE
    German electric car rental company nextmove did a test drive with the Jaguar I-PACE and the Tesla Model X on the German Autobahn. The video has English subtitles and several nice charts. They are testing the long range capability of the Jaguar and compare it in parallel to the Tesla Model X...
  6. Programming and repair Tesla

    Tesla Model 3
    Hello! This topic is especially relevant for Tesla owners who can not apply to the service for various reasons, as well as for people who bought broken Tesla from auctions that are not guaranteed. Services: Access to any firmware (5/6/7/8/ or higher) Repair of high-voltage battery Disabling the...
  7. Model X - UK Model - 7 Seats - Cargo

    Tesla Model X
    Hi everyone. I am now looking at pressing the button on a Model X 75D - after the recent spec increase and price reduction (coupled with the low finance rate). Looking at the 7 seat configuration (the six looks nice but at nearly £6k option is shockingly expensive) - which will suit a family...
  8. So where are our referral codes? (16 Feb – 15 Apr 2016)

    Tesla Model S
    I see the latest referral program started as of yesterday - but I see no referral code in "My Tesla" I would dearly love to visit SpaceX as it is not normally open to the public
  9. My Tesla Experience - a tech firm that just happens to make cars

    General EV Discussion
    My Tesla Experience - a tech firm that just happens to make cars. The Tesla experience
  10. Telsa Model X

    Tesla Model X
    So is it the coolest car ever? Certainly a contender... 6 things that make the Tesla Model X the coolest car ever | EV Performance