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  1. Vehicle Parts & Accessories
    Brand new Tesla Yoke Steering for Model 3 and Y (all year) Available in Napa leather or customized Alcantara to give you an enjoyable driving experience. Best of all, it seamlessly integrates into your car via Factory OEM components for an identical fit and look. -Ergonomic design to cope with...
    $749 USD
  2. General Charging Discussion
    A recent update implemented on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y 2022 online owner’s manual hints at upcoming upgrades for both mass-market vehicles. With the update, the climate control section of the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y manuals now reference ventilated seats, as the document now states that...
  3. Tesla Model Y
    Well, I own a model Y right now, and I’m thinking about refit my wheels to aftermarket wheels. The problem is that all aftermarket wheels that I prefer are really big wheels. I’m afraid that those big wheels won’t fit, what if they scratch the fenders or brake calipers? So I search on the...
  4. Tesla Model Y
    Hey everyone! Has anyone tried the new Model Y towing feature and is the lane departure warning working for you or is it disabled? Here is our review of the Model Y towing a trailer -
1-6 of 6 Results