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  1. Tesla electric van - 12 seats - Boring company

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  2. Tesla Semi - Ready for volume production? - Elon musk

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  3. Tesla cars stop for traffic lights automatically.

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  4. Tesla hits the million cars milestone

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Amazing milestone! The next million will come about much more quickly when 500+this year alone. https://www.theverge.com/2020/3/10/21172895/tesla-one-million-cars-production-model-y
  5. Tesla Battery Day - which may or may not happen

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Elon has been teasing an important Tesla Battery Day for some time now, but for some reason it has fallen off the list of upcoming events. I wonder if the battery technology has hit a snag - or there has been an issue with battery patent applications. Whatever, here is a video that provides...
  6. Everything you must know before purchasing a Tesla Cybertruck

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    Here's everything you should know about the Tesla Cybertruck:
  7. Tesla service - what can I expect?

    Tesla Model 3
    I've a few things that need resolving on my Model 3. Bits of trim need fixing, lumbar support stopped working on passenger and the electric seat adjustment is making strange noises. I'm booked in for a service and I've noted all these things but I'm slightly concerned that it won't be done in...
  8. Model 3 LHD in uk

    Tesla Model 3
    Hello everyone, I am interested in a model 3, I will buy on my company account, but i want to ask a few questions after i get to the Tesla HQs - London :P 1. can we order LHDs in UK ? (i will do most on my travels across the pond in france/spain) - we also buy on contract on the co. account...
  9. Is it worth GF4 to start production before signing the dotted line?

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Evening all. I’ve been researching for months now about purchasing a M3, but reading about the QC issues is it worth holding back and waiting for GF4 to start production of M3s and Ys? Makes me wonder if QC will be better (being German based) and whether the price may reduce at all because of...
  10. Model 3 dashcam - USB or SSD?

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi all, Just collected my Model 3 today. Wondering whether to use a USB for the dashcam and sentry mode or an SSD? What are you guys using? Any recommendations?
  11. All New Mercedes EQC - Great Alternative To Tesla and Audi e-tron

    General EV Discussion
    What do you think. Is the Mercedes EQC SUV an alternative to Tesla and Audi e-tron? Heard rumours about EQC recall even before it really hits the dealerships!!! ? Here is the Mercedes EQC in Germany: Stay electricfied ?⚡
  12. Sentry Mode Question

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    So, bought myself a SanDisk iXpand mini for the M3 to record all the DashCam and Sentry Mode footage. Formatted it and created the TeslaCam folder. Camera icon is there with red dot and Hal's eye is there when parked up nice and red. When I remove (safely) the USB stick and then plug it in to...
  13. Tesla wall charger - opinions needed

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hi all, I'm taking delivery of my Model 3 probably near the end of November or early December. I'm deciding which charger to get and I wondered if anyone has anything to say about the Tesla wall charger? I know it's not OLEV approved etc, which isn't a problem, but I can't seem to find much...
  14. Tesla customer service problems

    Tesla Model 3
    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a tesla situation. I'd been talking with my customer service rep for weeks about how to buy a special off menu performance model 3. They found one for me in Kansas City, my local rep called me to tell me about the price drop, and that I should move...
  15. Official Tesla Owners Club UK

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hi all, With the, hopefully, impending arrival of my Tesla Model 3 I was wondering what the benefits are of the Tesla Owners Club UK. I am a non Facebook user. I have an account, still active, but it's gathering mothballs for a variety of reasons. Mostly their practices. I deleted it's apps...
  16. 2x Tesla CHAdeMO Adaptor for Model S, X & 3 for sale

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, We selling two CHAdeMO adaptors for Tesla Model S, X & 3 (I believe this has been enabled - Perhaps a Model 3 owner in the forum can confirm) We have one still boxed brand new, which we'd like £550 for it. (This is a Revision D - which means it'll work with a Facelift Models) The...
  17. Tesla Model 3 - Charging Announcement

    EO Charging-Electric Vehicle charging made simple
    Last week we identified that a small number of our chargers installed in the UK were not working with the Tesla Model 3. This was an edge case scenario and over the weekend we have identified the root of the problem. Unfortunately, there are still some instances of customers unable to charge...
  18. Tesla brand image and social media strategy

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, What this is about - I’m a marketing student from Poland. If you are interested in the automotive industry and electric cars I invite you to fill out this short google forms survey: https://forms.gle/1FhfeqsLjbRgGmzX6 It will help me tremendously in completing the final chapter of my...
  19. Bristol Cribbs Causeway Test Drives

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi, Does anyone know if you can test drive a Model 3 from Cribbs Causeway or somewhere near there?
  20. Found a tesla model 3 in central London

    Tesla Model 3
    Came across this model three whilst riding my scooter which looked out of the ordinary because I did not know until today that model threes were available in the United Kingdom. Spotted it from a distance but was confused as to if it was a really model three and then found the driver...