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tethered cable

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    If anyone is in the market for a 7.2kw Type 1 32amp 8 metre Cable (New/Unused) I have one for sale at the mo. This has a Type 1 cable at one end for the car and is crimped cable at the other end for termination in a tethered charge point. Its seemingly of a very high quality (3 * 6mm2 cores +...
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    I have only used this cable once to charge my car and had to replace it for a 10m cable as it was annoying manoeuvring cars in the driveway. In prime condition, fully working and all black materials (casing and wire). The 5m cable was from my Rolec 32amp / 7.2kW wall pod. Feel free to ask any...
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    The title pretty much covers it. I have a wall mounted Chargemaster EVSE with the "wrong" connector for my car. The type 2 cable currently attached to the unit I have has been in direct sunlight, so a little discoloured, but appears to have had little use.