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  1. Comfort/Keyless entry Mod - To Be Offered by BMW?

    BMW i3
    With the rise of the theft of keyless entry vehicles by the use of relay attacks, manufacturers are responding by adding motion sensors which put the key fob to sleep after a few minutes of being still and to wake up once moved again. The new 7 Series key fob has this. Has anyone heard whether...
  2. Passive entry - admission of theft risk?

    Tesla Model S
    Got an email from Tesla today that looks (to me) like an admission there is a security risk : Advising that we should deactivate passive entry in "public spaces" is weird, its implying we have some weird obligation to judge whether there is a car thief around .... come on. I don't really...
  3. House broke into to steal gte keys

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi guys only had my gte 3 weeks and our house has been broken into to steal the keys. I was actually on holiday in Torquay visiting my sister and we went down in my dad's passat cc as it's got more boot space and so left mine on the drive with the security post firmly up and locked behind it...
  4. Trackstar, anyone bought it, and why?

    BMW i3
    Going through the brochures deciding which boxes to tick I've 'inserted' several question marks. Yesterday afternoon I sent the salesman a list of 12 questions, but also went looking on the BMW website, with very little joy. I'm not (yet) convinced that an i3 BEV is a vehicle high on the list...
  5. Keyless Entry Car Thefts

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    I saw a demo on TV tonight about how easy it is to steal a car with keyless entry. This was achieved by having a device near the wall of the house which would boost the key signal, then the car is unlocked and driven away. Will this affect Volt and Ampera. I always use the keyfob button to...