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three phase

  1. Using a threephase cable with an Singlephase OBC 7kw

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I just bought the new Peugeot e-208 and as standard it included an on board charger of 7kw singlephase. There was an option for 11kw OBC 3phase but didn’t opt for it. Now, I am planning to buy the cable. Does a threephase cable make a difference compared to a single phase cable, given that...
  2. Is 3 phase charging with UMC limited to 11kW?

    Tesla Model S
    I've just had a mental arithmetic lightbulb moment. If the Tesla-supplied red plug is the 16A version rather than the (apparently more common) 32A size, doesn't that mean that charging is limited to 11kW? 3 x 230V (phase to neutral) x 16A = ~11kW To make full use of dual chargers, you'd need...
  3. EVNEX Charger on Kickstarter

    General Charging Discussion
    For those that are interested in chargers and adaptability, check out this kickstarter project! - Low cost, modular solution - J1772 Compatible - Adaptive Charge Interface (ACI) - 6 to 80 A charging current depending on supply to unit and hardware - Easy renewable energy...