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  1. i3 Roof Rack Suggestions - for a newb.

    BMW i3
    Hey guys! I'm new to the EV world and just picked up my i3 this week. I'm looking to make some practical modifications to it, allowing me to do outdoors things I enjoy locally. I understand the roof rack issue on this car due to the bare roof. But all the threads I've read on different forums...
  2. Cheap Roof Bars?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi Guys, Just looking into roof bars for the Leaf and the Thule ones are about £150 ish online. I have found these ones on Ebay for £75 and just wondered if anyone had any experience with them? Menabo Tema Aluminium Roof Bar Rack Kit For Nissan Leaf 2010 - 16 FIX016G_A17 | eBay They seem ok...
  3. Thule roof bars

    Tesla Model S
    Hi Folks. Have a Model S on order, and just getting to organising myself (as well as overdosing on forums/youtube as seems the norm!). I currently have Thule roof bars and so on for my current car, and I'm hoping to re-use what I can. My question is... if I get the Thule feet and fittings...