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  1. Problems charging on timer

    General EV Discussion
    My Leaf charges normally on all charge points, chademo, granny and my home 16A Rolec chargepoint. However when the timer is set and I plug into my Rolec charger and the Li-on battery is low, the charger connects with a small thump as normal and then disconnects as normal (because the timer is...
  2. EV charge unit with built-in "off peak" timer?

    General Charging Discussion
    Having bought a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV a little while ago, now that it's time to replace my wife's car a Nissan Tekra EV will arrive next week and it's time to think through the case for a 7kW charger! However, we have a second home in a remote rural location, which is on an Economy 7...
  3. Timer charging delay

    Renault ZOE
    My Zoe R90 arrived last week and I tried the timed charging in the day to check it worked. Nothing happened at the programmed time. After some experimentation I've found that charging starts exactly 1 hour after the time programmed. It's as though the charging starts at the programmed time in...
  4. Immediate charging with charging timer set issue.

    Audi A3 e-tron
    I've been experiencing this issue randomly, when I plug the car in (sometimes) it will start charging immediately, ignoring the scheduled timer that is set. The top button (scheduled charging) is lit, and the LED instantly goes to the slow pulsing green light (charging) when I plug it in at...
  5. B250e App Timer

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    I have had the B250e for a week now and it is a wonderful car. Someone asked me what it was like to drive and i replied with the quote from The Matrix 2 "It's like wiping your ar** with silk". Sorry about the language, not normally my style, but this is an extremely smooth car. I would...
  6. Charge timer doesn't start

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm looking for some technical help. We have just taken delivery of a Kia Soul to replace our Gen 1 leaf and sit beside my Tesla. Fully committed and somewhat experienced! We have a tethered type 1 and tethered type 2 for ease. When I set the charge timer on the Soul it doesn't start. It...