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  1. BMW i3
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a graduation project right now. The goal is to predict the energy consumption of the i3 based on data about the infrastructure, weather, driving style etc. To validate my predictions, I'd like to make some trips with the i3 and measure my own speed and energy consumption...
  2. First Generation Ioniq
    No degradation reported on my 23 month old Ioniq. Car charges to 95% actual when it reports 100%. Quite a contrast to the UK Leaf24, which by the 2 year point had dropped to average 91% State of Health. Is the Ioniq BMS that good? Time will tell. Ioniq Electric datafest- the “Torque” app
  3. Renault ZOE
    After nearly a month and 400 miles, my new second-hand Zoe had developed a strange knocking sound from around the front offside. It sounded like a worn CV joint - unlikely with only 2.8k miles on the clock - it turned out to be loose wheel nuts on the front offside wheel. Re-tightened to 105 nm...
  4. Audi A3 e-tron
    I've had a weird experience that i can re-produce, and i'm wondering if other etron owners have experienced. Stop on a steep hill, and long enough for the engine to shut off. Then, when starting back up, press the accelerator while still pushing on the break, the car will get NO acceleration...
  5. Tesla Model S
    As a matter of curiosity, can anyone tell me why the wheel-nut torque on the MS is so high - 129 lb ft (175nm)? Cars I have dealt with over the years have all required about 70 - 80 lb ft. My wrench does go high enough but I don't know whether I could push it that far; good thing one will not...
1-5 of 5 Results