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  1. Carrying bikes, sorry.

    General EV Discussion
    So just double checking if anyone has up to date information on how to carry bikes on an EV. I'm preparing to by an MG but am shocked to find that they along with all other makers (barring Tesla I think) do not approve a towbar type carrier. We have three bikes and sometimes I swap one for an...
  2. Nissan Leaf Towbar/Bicycle Rack Hitch - Update!

    Nissan Leaf40
    Hi all, have an L40 Nissan leaf since middle may (3.5k miles on it already) and loving it, however i would love to put a bicycle rack on the back (not roof - economy, not strapped to boot - i want to keep the spoiler and paintworkin intact). So I have been onto Nissan Ireland / Nissan Europe...
  3. Towing with an eGolf

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    I dont want to tow anything with an eGolf but it would be very useful if I could fit a towbar, for a bike rack. VW do not list one as an option and I can imagine that there are all sorts of reasons for doing so. One being it may not even fit. As yet none of the 3rd party providers can supply...
  4. optima phev roof box and towbar

    General Kia EV Discussion
    Hi. I am really keen on the optima phev but have received some vague answers when asking kia about roof bars and tow bar. Does anyone have any experience on this? Been advised Cruz offer bars to fit. And tow bar should be ok. Uk spec provides no limits but EU one does....?!
  5. Towing with ZOE

    Renault ZOE
    Anyone had a tow bar fitted? Officially or unofficially? fitted by?