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  1. Automobile Museum Toyota - Nagoya

    Off Topic and Banter
  2. A selection of Hybrid cars including Toyota, Suzuki, Ioniq, Niro

    Chorley Group
    If it's not possible to install a home charger, or you live in an area where publicly available chargers are thin on the ground, then perhaps a hybrid car could suit you? Or maybe as a longer distance option to replace an old diesel car? We've got a few different options available - some...
  3. Outraged at new Toyota ad mocking EV drivers!

    General EV Discussion
    Dragged to the cinema to watch mary poppins 2, during the ads the new 2019 Toyota Corolla hybrid ad came up on screen, the theme being it is the future, as it drives past horse and carriage, jalopies, model T, land yachts, etc then through a crowd of heavily polluting cars, and then past a guy...
  4. The future is water!

    General EV Discussion
    Apparently a Welsh company are launching a hydrogen cell car next year. I wonder how much it will cost? Toyota have the Mirai at £66k - so like Tesla only for the wealthy. Has anyone on speakEV driven one and if so, what was the drive like? Must be great not to have to worry about charging your...
  5. F**k Toyota

    General EV Discussion
    Has anyone seen the advert for the new hybrid Toyota? Set in New Orleans or some jazz place, they make a big song and dance of it, and proudly claim there is "no need to plug in"! What a bunch of c***s. Not only are they persisting with hydrogen fool cells but they are now suggesting that plug...
  6. Hey from Leicestershire (Leaf Tekna owner)

    Ice Breakers
    Hi All, I bought a 63 plate Nissan Leaf Tekna to have some #ev fun in, thought i'd make myself known on the forum. Thought i'd join you all to chat about stuff. Its white. It charges on my drive quite happily. I also own a Toyota MR2 Roadster. I've also compiled a quick list of some useful...