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  1. Expired MOT scrappage trade in

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    It has been a long road from initial order in Nov '17 to be told yesterday that the car has been built and now at Emden port awaiting transfer to the UK. Only issue is, unfortunately the MOT on the scrappage car (in daily use) expires in 2-weeks. I've enquired with the supplying dealer...
  2. Trading in your ZOE

    Renault ZOE
    Has anyone had any experience of trying to part-exchange a Renault Zoe? Mine's 12 months old and has got 12 months left on PCP/battery rental and I want to trade it in before this winter (I just do too many miles and I'm fed up driving at 50mph in a cold car!) I'm looking at VW, rather than...
  3. USA. Disturbing statistic. Not coming back to EVs

    General EV Discussion
    I picked up a ''TIME'' magazine (dated August 2016). I found a very disturbing statistic. 75% of Americans who traded in a Hybrid or electric car in 2016 took home an all gas car. This is a very negative sign. People who already have an electric car are the early adopters & presumably very...