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  1. Jaguar I-PACE
    I would be interested in hearing if anyone has any feedback on trying to trade-in a Tesla (or another EV) for an i-Pace. I really like the look of the i-Pace (although I have yet to sit in one) and would definitely consider it as a next car after our Model S but am a bit curious how Jaguar...
  2. BMW i3
    Trade-in value I am thinking of ordering my second i3 Rex next month for next March delivery. I would like to know your views on the trade-in value of my i3 I have now. Details. i3 Rex First registered March 2015 Only three extras - Laurus Grey metallic paint. - Park assist package – DC...
  3. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I wasn't wildly optimistic (maybe I was?) about the price Tesla's trade-in service would offer me for my old car but even I was surprised at how low it was tbh @ 18% below Webuyanycar's quotation. I was prepared to get gouged a bit for the convenience, but that's a lot. Hmm, I kinda expected...
1-3 of 3 Results