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  1. General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    I am either very brave or particularly stupid but today I am starting to dismantle my dashboard on my 2013 Zoe ZE20 with a view to either spray or wrap the top half in black (the light colour is doing me nut in with reflections - i know black will still reflect but hopefully will be less) if it...
  2. General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi, I just bought a new BMW i3 120Ah which arrived with a simple silver plastic dashboard trim. I purchased 2 set (one eucalyptus and one dark oak), and i decided to keep the eucalyptus. So, I have a brand new never used dark oak dashboard trim set (3pcs) for sale. Please send me message if...
  3. Kia Soul EV
    Hi all: I just leased a Kia Soul EV+ in Portland, Oregon. What have you found unique or interesting about your Soul EV? I'm still learning about all of the all of the electronics and options with the EV+. What have you found that you really like and what was the most obscure thing you've learned...
1-3 of 3 Results