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  1. Volkswagen Passat GTE
    Hello and Happy New Year! I am a new owner of old VW Passat GTE variant from 2016 and I would appreciate your advice. When I got the car, the 2 USBs and 2 cigarette lighter sockets had no power. I checked the fuse box under the steering wheel with a test light and #40 fuse 20A is working...
  2. Second Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF40 & LEAF62)
    Hi all, First post here as we took delivery of our Nissan Leaf40 yesterday. I noticed that there is both a USB-3 and USB socket in the front. My Wife has an Android, while I'm an iPhone, and in our old Qashquai we had two cables in the centre console, one lightning and one whatever you call the...
  3. Hyundai Kona
    I got my new Kona EV 2020 Premium this week. And I am full of ideas to upgrade this machine. Does any one have an service manual of the Kona EV to take some parts apart? I was interested in removing the mid console to install some extra USB socket for the back. And if the there is any room...
  4. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hi, as a new owner I will be leaning on you guys for support as I come across problems with my new 2012 Ampera. The first problem I have is that I cannot get the USB to work. I am plugging in to the socket adjacent to the AUX input. (mentioning this as I am not sure if there is more than 1 USB)...
  5. General EV Discussion
    bought this and it is pretty cool :D if anyone likes it: TESLA SUPERCHARGER original cable replica high quality
  6. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    Has anyone tried importing/exporting address book entries using a USB stick as suggested on page 3-53 of the navigation system owner's manual? I exported my 30 kWh Leaf's address book to a USB drive which resulted in two small .SLC files. I started this process in the naive belief that it...
1-6 of 6 Results