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  1. Regarding V2G

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I've become aware of vehicle to grid technology. It seems very interesting and appears to require specific charging technology (not a surprise). However, does this mean that my current zappi charger will be obsoleted by this - I've heard about poc trials in London? Thx D
  2. Customer Testimonial: The surprising benefits of switching to V2G with OVO

    OVO Energy
    Leo once had a number of fuel-guzzling vehicles, including a Land Rover. But when he bought a 30kWh Nissan Leaf three years ago – in a conscious effort to improve his energy efficiency – he was surprised by how fun it was to drive. “I enjoyed driving the electric car so much, not to mention the...
  3. Vehicle-to-Grid - November/December 2019

    OVO Energy
    For our third statistics release we’re going to focus on November, and we’ll see the impact of the first month of GMT and dropping temperatures. It's hard to avoid extra energy usage during the winter months, and that’s where V2G will be particularly effective in balancing the grid. Once...
  4. Zoe working in a V2G system?

    Renault ZOE
    Just saw this on my news feed and thought t was interesting. How an electric car can make you money I thought the only cars that could do V2G were the new Nissan Leaf's. If this is the case then would be interesting if any of the UK companies could offer it.
  5. Innovation project, NEED HELP!

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I am Simone. I am part of an innovation project which is looking at developing an app that will help EV/Plug-in owners managing their car and in particular, introduce them to Vehicle-to-Grid technology (V2G)! (y) We're in the early stages of developing the app, and we want inputS from...
  6. OctopusEV Powerloop V2G

    General Charging Discussion
    Octopus Energy seem to be one of the energy providers that are being really innovative. They've already got Octopus GO and Octpus Agile tariffs which can both work well fpr EV drivers. Well they ae now looking at trialing V2G (Vehicle 2 Grid). I know there was another initiative somewhere in...
  7. OVO V2G anyone got an invite yet?

    Nissan Leaf40
    I've registered, just had my confirmation, more as its something I want to be an installer of and have a lot of clients that this would be a great idea for but for all you Leaf 40 people this could be a bit of a game changer. As I understand it only the Leaf 40 is V2G enabled although at the...
  8. V2G technical Query

    General Charging Discussion
    Why is the inverter for a V2G so expensive £8000 to £9500 for a 10KW unit per Drive Electric in UK. DriveElectric launches Vehicle to Grid charging service - DriveElectric Is there not an inverter in an EV and why is this not available to connect the stored battery to the grid ? Are there...
  9. V2G in U.K. Autumn 2018

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    So it should finally be here next year, anyone fancy spending 9k to see how it works out though? Also what will be the vehicle manufacturers view on how this affects the battery warranty? New V2G service for homes and workplaces could cut electricity bills
  10. Energy storage consultation- Innovate UK

    General EV Discussion
    Vehicle 2 grid: call for evidence from BEIS, they want consumers views! Call for evidence a smart, flexible energy system - Consultations - GOV.UK (with my emphasis) As part of our commitment to building a 21st century energy infrastructure, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial...