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  1. Uni project

    General EV Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am currently doing a school project regarding electric vehicles and to finish it, I am required to get a number of responses on my survey. Therefore, I would like to to help me by clicking on the link below and filling out the survey, if you are interested. I am looking for a...
  2. I need your help with my dissertation on vehicle-subscriptions!

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm in my final uni year at the University of Warwick and I'm writing a dissertation on consumer motivation to switch to vehicle-subscriptions. I would really appreciate if as many of you as possible could fill in my survey, it takes around 2 minutes. Here's the link: General...
  3. EV Charger Purchase and Installation Feedback

    General Charging Discussion
    Hey guys, I am a student at the new Cornell Tech University in New York City and I am currently working on a project with Con Edison to make EV charging more affordable, accessible and competitive. I would love some feedback from you all regarding the topic. Specifically: - What are the...
  4. Narcine e-scooter

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, We're a small team developing new type of electric vehicle - called ''Narcine''. We tried to race the prototype of our electric trike against a car in rush hour Sofia, Bulgaria. The trike is low power - 500W, 25km/h limited, with no pedal assist and the distance we had to cover was about...
  5. The transfer of the Telsa Model S/X's guts to another vehicle

    Tesla Model S
    I want to know if anyone else had the ran into the thought of transferring the guts of a tesla Model X or S into another vehicle, like a camper van, or any vehicle. The main points I'd like to discuss is, if anybody thinks there would software or mechanical blocks to prevent this from happening...
  6. Vlogging to encourage others to go electric!

    General EV Discussion
    Hey Everyone, Ive been here a fair few years now and class myself as an enthusiast, evangelist and owner in the UK since 2013 (Renault Zoe 100% electric). Loving Tesla and what they have done for making electric vehicles cool and mainstream. I want to convert friends and family by answering EV...