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volkswagen e-golf

  1. EGolf Tyres

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    4500 miles in and have a puncture in one of the rear tyre. This happened early December but apparently Bridgestone are not due to release any more tyres until after 6th Jan 2020 - KwikFit cannot source them, even direct - VW don’t have any in the dealer network apparently and their suppliers...
  2. Indicated charge on e-Golf

    General Charging Discussion
    First post on here and hoping for a more helpful response that from VW! Had a VW e-Golf for about 3 weeks now and love it. I do have an issue though with, albeit initially, having to guess as to the remaining range. I seem to be getting around 140 miles on a charge (not that Ive ever run it...
  3. For Sale 2017 (67) Silver Volkswagen E-Golf

    Drive Green
    Volkswagen e-Golf - Silver - Used Electric Superhatch - Drive Green Miles: 5,726 Price: £24,995 We finally have a Volkswagen E-Golf on our forecourt and we love it! It’s in a fantastic silver paint job that really does pop in the sun. Quality control is superb as you’d expect from VW and the...