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  1. Affordable EV's, distance questions, winter

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, I was doing research into EV's and I still cannot find any clarity about real distance difference between them... especially in freezing temperatures. Looking into the affordable second-hand EVs available and it's basically just 4 cars: the "Triplets", VW e-up!, Nissan leaf and Renault Zoe...
  2. EGolf Tyres

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    4500 miles in and have a puncture in one of the rear tyre. This happened early December but apparently Bridgestone are not due to release any more tyres until after 6th Jan 2020 - KwikFit cannot source them, even direct - VW don’t have any in the dealer network apparently and their suppliers...
  3. Volkswagen We Connect Outage

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi All, Is anyone experiencing problems due to the current outage of the Volkswagen 'We Connect' back-end? I called the 0800 279 7508 customer support number and there is a recorded announcement that We Connect is down and that they are working on getting it back up.
  4. VW is guaranteeing 8 years of battery life on the ID.3

    Volkswagen ID.3
    Volkswagen guarantees that the batteries of the ID.3 and future models of the ID.family will retain at least 70 per cent of their usable battery capacity after eight years and 160,000 kilometres, respectively. The batteries are designed for a charging capacity of up to 125 kW, as VW has now...
  5. Sold 2016 Black Volkswagen e-Up

    Drive Green
    2016 Black Volkswagen e-Up - Used Electric Supermini - Drive Green Miles: 28,376 Price: £14,495 This is an amazing little city car and winner of the Which electric car awards Best Buy. It looks amazing in its black paint work and the car is in perfect condition. This car comes with DAB...
  6. For Sale 2017 (67) Silver Volkswagen E-Golf

    Drive Green
    Volkswagen e-Golf - Silver - Used Electric Superhatch - Drive Green Miles: 5,726 Price: £24,995 We finally have a Volkswagen E-Golf on our forecourt and we love it! It’s in a fantastic silver paint job that really does pop in the sun. Quality control is superb as you’d expect from VW and the...
  7. Sold Volkswagen e-Up – White

    Drive Green
    Volkswagen e-Up - Silver - Used Electric Supermini - Drive Green Miles: 6891 Price: £12,995 This is an amazing little city car and winner of the Which electric car awards Best Buy. It looks amazing in its white and the car is in perfect condition. This car comes with DAB digital radio...
  8. Dissertation: Electric Vehicles Cambridgeshire

    General EV Discussion
    Is anyone in Cambridgeshire who owns an electric vehicle, or who is simply passionate about them, able to spare 20-30 minutes for a short interview? I am a 3rd year student at Royal Holloway University of London completing a dissertation under the working title "An investigation into the role...
  9. Emissions Control warning light on at ignition only; turns off when hybrid drive active

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all! Noticed that our brand new Golf GTE displays the following light when the ignition is activated (along with the usual depress brake, airbag info lights, etc...) Curiously however, it disappears when the car is fully turned on in any mode. This behaviour is regular and consistent...
  10. GTE Guide and inform Connection issues iPhone

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi guys I don't know if anyone has a similar to problem to me but any help i can get is appreciated. The problem I have on my GTE advance MK7.5 is the guide and inform connection to my iPhone 7. Basically when I connect to the car to my phone as a hot spot I just get a no data connection error...
  11. EV Conversion and Vocational Training

    Ice Breakers
    A lot of people seem ready to take the plunge and go for an EV. But are the auto mechanics ready? Check out our kickstarter project that will prepare training packages for mechanics, vocational schools, and convert a Land Rover Defender and VW bug, worst case scenarios so to speak, to EV...
  12. Sold Volkswagen e-Up! in Mayan Blue

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Our latest car is the fantastic little VW e-Up. This is an amazing little city car and winner of the Which electric car awards Best Buy. It looks amazing in Mayan Blue and the car is in perfect condition. We can’t rate this little VW highly enough. It is so much fun to drive and fits in every...
  13. Hi from Cheshire, new Golf GTE ordered.

    Ice Breakers
    Hybrid newbie here. New mk7.5 Golf GTE is now on order, just had to take advantage of the VW diesel scrap scheme. All though I am conscious of my environmental footprint, I had not considered a hybrid or EV before I came across the Golf GTE. I love sports cars and I'm motorbike obsessed, so...
  14. VW Microbus on Street ID Buzz

    General EV Discussion
    Longtime lurker and BMW i8 owner here. While in Pebble Beach for car week, I was lucky enough to catch the much talked about ID Buzz, the VW Microbus coming in 2022. The bus is AMAZING & stoked I caught this in this location. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.
  15. Future of Electric Vehicle

    General EV Discussion
    What do you think that will Volkswagen ID EV give a breakthrough in Electric Vehicle Industry and compete against Tesla 3 and Chevrolet Volt?
  16. Volkswagen Dealers - a sad tale...

    General EV Discussion
    A short tale of my experience in trying to buy a new VW e-up. Over the last few months here are some of the comments I’ve had from visiting 5 VW dealers to discuss an E-up. - There is a 1 year waiting list - There is a 3 month waiting list - The charging cable is Chademo (when it isn’t) - We’re...
  17. Drive Electric/ Fleetdrive - VW Golf GTE PCH Leasing Deal

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi all, For anyone interested in Personal or Business leases we have great terms on the Volkswagen Golf GTE and Golf GTE w/ Nav. I personally own and highly rate this EV, very practical for my short work commute and also good fun in GTE mode. These are stock cars that we have a limited stock of...
  18. egolf test drive debacle

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    so much for test driving the e golf. we booked a test drive for this morning via head office. so 11.00am we embark on the 50 mile round trip to solihull all excited. I notice that there's nothing parked in the e station. still they have probably taken it off ready for us to drive. on entry we...
  19. New VW EV is here!

    General EV Discussion
    And here it is fresh from Paris I like!! :)
  20. Holidaying in an all-electric VW Campervan

    General EV Discussion
    I have just returned from an enjoyable break in Indie, an all-electric VW Type 2 Campervan. Read more: Holidaying with a twist, Indie an All-Electric VW Campervan