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  1. General EV Discussion
    Full disclosure, I work at EVCables.co.uk! However, we have invested in some pretty nice test equipment and I thought it would be a shame for me to keep it all to myself. So as an intro into the sort of topics I want to tackle I thought I start with how much power is ‘lost’ through a standard EV...
  2. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, So I have 2012 Chevy Volt, which I love. In Oct we moved into a home built in 1978. Shortly thereafter I started getting the "Service High Voltage Charging System" alert and the charger turned off. I went to the mechanic 6 times before we realized that the house doesn't get enough...
  3. General EV Discussion
    As per this thread, I have had a bit of a saga getting my Podpoint (and smart meter, for that matter) installed and working. Everything is now working and I wanted to thank the good people of this forum for their advice and help. Loving my EV!
1-3 of 3 Results