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    Polestar and VW Unveil New Rivals for Tesla at the Supercar-Stuffed Geneva Motor Show
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    Anyone out there interested in taking on my much loved V60 hybrid? Fully loaded and owned since June 2013. Around 76,000 miles on the clock. I will be trading in for the XC60 T8 unless sold privately first. Just in case it has a nice private number plate (which I'm also happy to see...
  3. Polestar
    Polestar, the performance division of Volvo, has introduced a 600bhp PHEV car that will be available for lease (but not sale!) in 2019. A medium sized BEV and a big SUV BEV will follow at a later time. Polestar 1 | Polestar
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    test drove a V60 hybrid yesterday and was kinda blown away but the ride quality, I've read a lot of harsh reviews, and I thought it was brilliant, not an R design and had 17' wheels with Michelin PS3's fitted. battery was flat, but I charged it to about 15% on my little test drive, loved the...
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    Today Volvo unveiled two new concept cars that move the Swedish brand in an audacious new direction and mark the official launch of its global small car strategy...... Read on here
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    Note: I'm in Canada. Got a co-worker looking for a 7-seater PHEV. The only one I could suggest was the Volvo. It is a beautiful vehicle inside and out. Has anyone tried, checked out, did any in-depth analysis of the XC90 T8? If you have, please share your thoughts and findings.
  7. Other EV Makes and Models
    Anyone out there with a V60 Diesel Hybrid? Here's my take...