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  1. VW e-Up! return confirmed for 2020

    Volkswagen e-UP!
    The VW Netherlands website has confirmed the refreshed, longer range e-Up! will join its SEAT & Skoda siblings in early 2020. The page also confirms range to be 250km (155miles) and 40kW CCS charging.
  2. Car Net Maintenance 10/6/19 - 14/6/19

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Was having some problems adding my Golf GTE to and found out that the Android 9 hotspot doesn't allow the car to communicate via WLAN for registration. Opened a customer care ticket and eventually got it resolved. As a final notice they sent me this: Thought I'd let you all know in case you...
  3. Unreliable e Up!

    Volkswagen e-UP!
    We bought an e Up! nearly a year ago and we love it to pieces BUT it has been back to the supplier 9 times (once for 6 weeks) because of charging difficulties. Finally we took it back and said enough is enough. They then took it back two times more and discovered the reason: If the inbuilt...