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  1. Community to develop a charging network for Wales - TrydaNi

    General Charging Discussion
    A community group are looking to set up a charging network for Wales. Fed up with the poor charging infrastructure in Wales a collection of community groups have decided to take matters in their own hands to develop a community owned charging network for Wales. They have set up a crowdfunder...
  2. Wales charging points

    Charging Locations
    Hello, I'm a journalist for BBC Wales, I am looking to hear people's experiences of trying to charge their electric cars in Wales - during trips out, visiting parts of Wales or just as part of daily community. I have looked on the map and see that Mid Wales has a lack of chargers. I was...
  3. Welsh Bridge Now Free - Maps?

    Renault ZOE
    So with the M4 Severn crossing now toll free.. one wonders what TomTom map version one has to update to get rid of the "TOLL CHARGE!" announcement when one sets a Wales destination. Will TomTom Live magic it away or is it purely a map update? I note on the Renault R-Link store we are looking at...
  4. Tracking planning applications for rapid chargers

    Charging Locations
    Since many rapid charger designs are so tall that they count as a building in their own right, and require planning permission in the UK (Chargemaster 'Ultrachargers' are the exception here), it's interesting to trawl planning applications to find mention of electric vehicle charging So, since...
  5. Rapid Charger at Llandovery

    Charging Locations
    If anyone is interested this just went live on Sell2Wales: View Notice - Sell2Wales
  6. Botanic Garden of Wales

    Groups, Gatherings and Regional Discussion
    I can't see on any map that they have charging facilities but surely they must?Does anyone know? I've emailed them but I've had no response. Thanks!
  7. Euro 2016 - AKA England disappointment megathread

    Off Topic and Banter
    Did anyone watch the matches last night? Although an England fan, I was mightily impressed with Wales performance, I think they performed admirably and would love them to progress. A shame we will be forced to give them a good humping on the 16th - I hope they go through with us though ...
  8. Electric Vehicle Initiative - Wales

    Ice Breakers
    Here is a copy of an email I sent to the Welsh Assembly yesterday. I will keep you posted on any reply I get. "I am the proud owner of my first electric vehicle and I live in Wales. I see that Bristol is setting it self up to be one of the leading EV cities in the UK. I was wondering if...
  9. Mid Wales Update

    Charging Locations
    Following the utility of the North Wales update thread, is there any information out there about charging points in and allowing access to Mid Wales? I am particularly thinking about the A44 corridor from Worcester to Aberystwyth, but information on the availability of the Rapid chargers on the...
  10. Bay to remember

    Charging Locations
    Hi, planning the journey to 'bay to remember' which is in GWBERT, SA431PP, West Wales. I have the big leg between the last rapid just behind Swansea to this post code. While looking at the few maps (pod point, cyc, sse and a lot more), found one rapid at the Nant y Ci Park and Ride (SA313RS)...