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wallbox charger

  1. Wallbox vs portable charger

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello, I will get new VW eUP in Feb 2020 (really looking forward). Therefore I would like to install charging point in my garage. Three phases available, 25A max (3x230/400V). I’m considering either three phase wallbox or just standard 5pin + portable charger. I like the possibility to use...
  2. PLEASE HELP - charging wallboxes

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everyone, My name is Riccardo Branca and I am a student at Politecnico di Milano, currently working on a research about electric vehicles charging solutions. I would really appreciate if you guys could fill in this very very short questionnaire. I promise is very short. It's about...
  3. Chargemaster Wall Charger Login

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, So I had a Chargemaster wall charger installed a few years ago. I got the version where I had access to the usage data. Now for the love of me I can not remember the website to visit to log into. Pretty sure I’d be able to remember my log in details. Could any of you kind people point...
  4. Sold Schneider Electric EVlink Wallbox Charger 7.4 kW T2 socket with shutter EVH2S7P04K

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    This is a brand new excellent unit from a reputable company. The EVlink Wallbox (Charger) is weatherproof and robust. It can therefore be used in tough environments:in homes and on private properties (condominium, corporate car park, hotel...) With type 2 shutters (according to NF C15-100)...