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  1. Charging a Volt / Ampera using a Zappi 2 Charger

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Good morning all, I have a basic 16 Amp Chargemaster charge point which does what it should and the Volt is happy to charge on immediate charge or on delayed charge from it. In October I had a new 32 Amp Zappi 2 installed in addition, as I had heard of all the clever things that this technology...
  2. OLEV grant coming to an end?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a new EV owner and I am currently charging at my workplace, but I would love to install a charger at my household. What price would you say is acceptable for a Zappi charger under the OLEV EVHS grant? And is it true that the OLEV charger grant is coming to an end? I have...
  3. Zappi

    General Charging Discussion
    Is there a distance limit for the Zappi to be able to communicate with the hub. I am having a Zappi installed in my detached garage and it is too far away from my router to get a Wifi signal. So question is it best to locate the hub in the garage so it can communicate wirelessly with the Zappi...
  4. Zappi and iboost Instalation

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi Folks, my first post on SpeakEV so hopefully I’ve posted in the correct place? I have recently had a zappi fitted to charge our eGolf and hopefully make the most of our solar PV. We also have an iboost linked to our hot water cylinder immersion heater that was fitted at the same time as the...
  5. Zappi with Harvi Wireless Not Quite Right

    General Charging Discussion
    Well I had my Zappi working well for a month with the CT input hard wired to the Grid import. However the cable had to be run around the house outside as it wasn't practical to have it going through the house. I ordered the Harvi to send the grid info wirelessly. I got the Harvi detected and...
  6. Active Load Management

    General Charging Discussion
    We have recently noticed an influx in demand for our charge points with the amazing active load management feature, with 85% of our installs being installed with load management in the last month. Equipped with solar integration and load management, the Zappi is perfect for future proofing your...
  7. A Day in the life of a GTE owner

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Day One, Saturday After many months of waiting, D day is here, prearranged with the dealer to collect the car (and pay!). 09:00, arrive and met by the sales person, run through paperwork, handed the card machine, slot in debit card, key in PIN, *boom* just like that spent £22k ;), scarily...
  8. Zappi charger, + other PV diversion priorities

    General Charging Discussion
    So just had a Zappi installed recently with the HARVI. I have an Immersun diversion unit that was already in place that diverts excess to the hot water tank. As the Zappi is not actually talking to my Immersun diversion unit I am wondering what the priorities are if my BEV is plugged into the...
  9. Zappi cable storage - 5m vs 8m

    General Charging Discussion
    I was wondering what the cable storage is like with the Zappi? I'd been planning to get the 5m version in my garage, but during my site survey today the surveyor suggested an 8m cable so that I could use it in the garage but still have enough length to get it out under the garage door to the...