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  1. My 2014 used Zoe has 71% SoH, 30k Kms

    Renault ZOE
    Hello everyone, I bought a used zoe (q210) in Portugal, its imported from France. I did a CanZe check on the SoH and it already has 71%, but the car only has 30k KMs (18 641 mi). Thankfully it is a battery lease model, and im not sure if it has had the BMS update done to it. Maybe i should...
  2. Signing up to ZE services

    Renault ZOE
    Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but thought fellow Zoe owners could help me out again. I called Renault the other day to get an activation code for the connected services, as my Zoe was a 3 month old ex-demo the dealership hadn't used it yet and Renault had no problem in setting it up and...
  3. New web application for Z.E. Services

    Renault ZOE
    Hi All! I am only writing to inform you that I have just put online a new responsive website - called "myZEV" - that interfaces with the Z.E. connected services of Renault. On this site, after logging in using the same credentials from the official Renault app "My ZE Online", you can: check...
  4. PSA: Strange Text Messages Coming From Z.E Services

    Renault ZOE
    Hi all, The text message notifications coming from Z.E. Services are coming out garbled at the moment. Have reported to Connected Services this morning and they're passing to their engineering team: The texts are actually encoded in hexadecimal format and can be converted on a Hex to ASCII...
  5. ZE Online "Battery Charge Level" no longer updating [FIXED]

    Renault ZOE
    Hi all. The "Battery Charge Level & Estimated Range" Indicator in ZE Services has stopped working for me since yesterday (Midday 6 October). Neither the ZE App, nor the online service are able to tell me my charge level any more. I think at one point the online portal complained of a server...
  6. My ZE Online - Stopped Working

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Hi All, Has anyone come up against ZE Online deciding that it doesn't want to play ball anymore. The car is just over two weeks old and ZE services had been working fine until last Thursday when it just stopped updating. I've tried the "update" & "start charging" buttons on ZE Online with no...
  7. ZE Online - offline Monday 3rd October 2016

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Anyone else having problems with ZE Online. My car last updated its status at about 16.30 today, 3rd Oct. I've been able to charge it at an Ecotricity point since but its increased charge/range hasn't updated. Driving mode on the app was shown as 'connected' - when I attempted to toggle...
  8. ZE services app

    Renault ZOE
    Can anyone advise how you link your car to the ZE services app? Collect my Zoë next weekend - first trip in it is a 220 mile motorway journey home (£37 train ticket to collect or £374 delivery charge - no brainer!) Thought the app would be useful to monitor charging while I go for a coffee etc.